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sentida sc - universal low nursing beds.
Functional. Intelligent. Dignified.


Functional. Intelligent. Dignified.

sentida sc premium healthcare beds

Functional. Intelligent. Dignified.

The sentida sc premium nursing beds from wissner-bosserhoff are a consistent and above all uncompromising implementation of a 360° approach to the further development of requirements for contemporary nursing as well as care and support in various forms of living.

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Discover more tailor-made solutions for our sentida sc premium care beds.

Individual Mobilisation

Maintaining and promoting mobility are key goals in professional care.


Safe sleeping

The needs-oriented low position ensures comfortable resting and sleeping.


Needs-based care

sentida sc can support caregivers and residents alike.


Professional Digitialisation

Your digital care assistant for continuous patient monitoring in real time.


Nursing is highly demanding: empathetic, social, versatile, intercultural and, above all, professional. It is facing major changes and challenges. Technical and digital developments will play a decisive role in shaping care in the future.

Thomas Erbslöh, Managing Director wissner-bosserhoff GmbH

In my bed, I'm in good hands, I can adjust it easily and I can get up comfortably - without help.

Walter Schulte, resident

Many providers are setting their own goals for reinventing classic elderly care with the help of innovative technology and choose SafeSense® 3 because the safety of the residents is their top priority. The faster we can responsd to potential risks to falls then we can prevent serious consequences to a persons overall health and quality of life..

Eike Jonker, Managing Director Vechtetal Pflege GmbH

The care bed of the future is more than just a bed - it means effective care with the help of intelligent solutions and an increase in the quality of life for the resident.

Uwe Deckert | Marketing Manager wissner-bosserhoff GmbH

By ergonomically optimizing important work steps and the optimal position of the nursing bed, the use of integrated aids and external nursing aids, physical stress is reduced.

Koen de Doncker, physiotherapist, osteopath and ergonomist Author wissner-bosserhoff care booklet for ergonomic working in care.

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